Trustable X-Ray Inspection Services

If you are looking for the best X-Ray Inspection in the nation, this is the place for you. We ensure you that the process is done in the smoothest and the most professional way possible. Inspection is an essential step in the manufacturing of small devices. They need to be inspected to make sure that all the components are in the assigned places. This assures that they can perform the assigned function. The quality and functionality of even the smallest components have to be tested. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the final device is in proper working condition. EIPTL thus does top quality and reliable BGA X-Ray inspection of such devices for our customers.

High-quality X-Ray Inspection System Manufacturers

EIPTL makes use of reliable materials of high quality and the latest technologies to manufacture X-Ray inspection systems. Such systems consist of an X-Ray emitter and a detector or an array of sensors. These sensors capture the X-Rays after passing through objects. We make sure that our detectors and sensors can capture a wide wavelength of X-Rays. This is done to make sure that the highest quality images are produced. We produce these images because of different objects absorbing the X-rays differently. We even offer advanced Blue ray inspection services.

Reliable BGA X-Ray Inspection Services

The through-hole and SMT techniques of PCB assembly require the usage of leads. The BGA (Ball-Grid Array) method does not rely on such wire leads. The solder itself forms the electrical and mechanical link between the BGA and the PCB. BGA X-Ray inspections service providers such as EIPTL, make sure that the small solder balls and their positioning are correct.

Efficient PCB X-Ray inspection

The X-ray inspection technology used at EIPTL is the same as the X-Ray baggage inspection found at airports. This technology uses X-Rays as a source instead of natural light. PCB X-ray inspection is vital to ensure that there are no missing solder balls or extra ones. Our team of highly skilled experts meticulously check the positioning of every solder ball. We send the defective ones back for rework by human operators or to the discard pile. Our inspection systems are sophisticated. They show exactly which devices contain problems and where the problem lies. This automated system thus makes it easier for human inspectors to carry out remedial measures.

The Leading X-Ray Inspection system manufacturers

We are the best in this sector because we care about our customers and their need. Giving our best to the customer helps us maintain long-term healthy relationships with them. Our main focus is on their requirements and customizing our products according to that. We are always prompt in our service and have a good track record as a reliable X-ray inspection service provider.

Choose EITPL For The Blue Ray Inspection Services In India

Our quality services are consistent through the country. We make the best X-Ray inspection systems, and our brand is synonymous with providing reliable services. Our team of professionals make sure that you get top-notch service and aid in providing well-designed products. We assure you that we will provide just the right inspection system for you. You will always be glad you chose us.