PCB debugging Testing

PCB debugging Testing, Our testing methodology provides the reliability for your product. East India Technologies testing equipments and softwares fulfil a wide range of consumer requirements.We also provide variety of testing methodologies specifically to the consumer. Our testing and Debugging team has an expanse of acquired hands on experience in PCB debugging.

  1. Terradyne In Circuit Test ( ICT )-2500 Nodes capability
  2. Functional tests — PCBA & High level assembly .
  3. Burn in Tests – 50 Degrees +/- 5 degrees
  4. Automated test Equipments.
  5. AOI/ X-Ray Inspection systems

Analyzing capabilities: Our Analysis team has expertise in analyzing the test and product defects of electronics products .. Team is well versed in usage of debug tools , Oscilloscopes, circuit tracing , reading the schematic . Capable to develop debug guideline with analog and digital sequence measurements for quick analyzing the product defects .

Team is continuously improving TAT in analyzing the products and due focus is given on any defect pattern and quick to highlight in improving the production efficiency Analyzing Team is in complete synergy with the quality function for identifying the root cause of the problem.

  1. Fish Bone Diagram
  2. 5 Why Analysis
  3. Trend Chart & Pareto Analysis
  4. Containment, Corrective and Preventive Action Plan