PCB Conformal Coating Services

After a PCB is manufactured, it is assembled with electrical components that serve the primary functions of the electronic device. Electricity, as a form of energy, has the ability to transfer from one source to another. In those intense habitats, components undergo high-temperature changes and excessive energy transfers. These consistent changes may damage the PCB. In order to prevent the same, an additional coating is added. This extra protection is known as the circuit board conformal coating.

Conformal Coating or PCB Conformal Coating: Why Is It Necessary?

For conformal coating a PCB, a thin polymeric film is used as a protective layer for its components. To prevent damage due to dust, moisture and temperature, a circuit board protective coating is painted over the board. It is done to reduce the functional stress on the components. Furthermore, these coatings do not seal a component; they allow the heat to escape, which will cool down the board.

Many chemical compounds and paints are used for PCB board coating. Acrylic, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Silicones and Fluorinated or Non-Fluorinated methods are used for coating these electrical boards. PCB coating for waterproof purposes can, especially, be achieved with a layer of Fluorinated coating.

Why to Avail PCB Conformal Coating Service

Conformal Coating Services are availed to prevent components from degradation and inaccuracy. This lowers the efficiency of the electronic device. Moreover, this coating helps in retaining the properties of the device for longer times.

Requirements for Conformal Coating Services

It is necessary for the PCB to contain a coating which helps in better performance. While numerous servicing methods are available, it is economical for the manufacturer to choose the correct layering. It depends on the nature of the PCB, with accordance to the device and what it does. This will help the manufacturer, optimally and economically. When outsourced, it is the purpose of the service provider to ensure that the coating is fairly done.

Best PCB Conformal Coating in India at your service

We, at EITPL, to continue the legacy, have introduced various spray and brushing technologies. Not only that but uniquely designed machines also are a part of this coating program. They have been built for voluminous amounts of coating for large equipment. Talented and experienced experts in our company guide you through the process of choosing the right mix of for your PCB coating. The process engineer’s task is to determine the possible evils against which your PCB will battle namely, moisture, salt, chemicals, etc. or all of them together. With dependency on the answers to those questions, our qualified experts at EITPL help in choosing that perfect coating.

EITPL is the best place to avail your new conformal coating in India for your PCBs. The development of these PCBs is a road to the future. And to provide it with specialized care and strength through the conformal coating is our priority.
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