PCB Prototype Assembly USA,

Professional PCB prototype assembly with the guaranteed quality for PCB prototype, We can produce high-quality PCBs with a competitive price both for prototypes and low volumes. Having been in the PCB prototype business for more than a decade, East India technologies PCBAUS is a proud supplier of prototyping PCBs and low-volume production. Our quick-turn prototype service can be as short as 24 hours without sacrificing the quality. Our small run production ensures you the best combination of quality and cost effectiveness, that is why we have our customers spreading over 60 countries in Electronic manufacturing. You will be experiencing hassle-free online purchase of your PCBs from our web-based quote to final delivery. With our professional service team, you can have questions and puzzles solved in the most responsive way. We test every piece of your PCB before DHL and other courier staff picks up your box, and you can track your order using our industry-leading software for its processing status such as fabrication, shipping etc., We know that loyal customers are our most valued assets, and we also know good quality and on-time delivery creates loyal customers. We not only are sending quality PCBs, but also delivering total satisfaction to you!

What is PCB Prototype?

Technology plays a vital role in changing the world and our lives around it. But the more vital role is played by PCB Prototype Assembly. It helps all electronic components of technology function. From your smartphones to your cars -everything requires a PCB. We will ensure your life runs smoothly by providing essential services for your PCB prototyping in the entire country. We provide the best PCB assembling, value-added services, PCB fabrication and much more.

PCBA manufacturing is extremely low cost and also provides a high rate of return on a low investment platform. PCB assembly prototyping plays an influential role in procedures such as development, design & certifications of products. The PCB fabrication also helps in the legitimization of your designs in a very competitive sector. PCB fabrication might prove to be a tedious process. However, with our level of expertise, the process can be smooth and without a doubt can be an easy task to accomplish.

Who Does The Best PCB Prototype Assembly India?

With our skilled labor, we ensure our clients get the best in terms of quality and timely delivery. They also to provide further value-added PCB Prototype Assembly services that make your work more convenient. After many tests & procedures, our team selects the optimal sample also called the Golden Sample. The Golden Samples are sought out by testing the product and making them go through the rigorous process. This ensures that only the best product survives. If by any chance they don’t pass the criteria, we will help you curate a product that passes the test and gains the prestigious Golden Sample stature. These Golden Samples can further be sent for a third-party testing facility for CE, UL, FCC and certification purposes for the ROHS markings. After the PCB prototype is verified and approved, they can be sent further for mass production. It is essential that all these criteria are passed before sending them for mass production. We make sure the process is as easy as it can be and all at an affordable price.

We are one of the unparalleled PCB Prototype Assembly services in India. We help with the best PCB prototype manufacturer India as well as a quality check of your product. Our PCBA prototype is looked over by our highly skilled electronic engineers. This ensures that only the best product is delivered to our clients. With our world-class service, we astonish our clients, by delivering the state of the art product tailored according to their specification. Our clients rarely have a chance to complain and are always satisfied.

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We are right there with you at every step providing best services in PCB prototype service India. From quality to system check, only the beau mode prototype survives the tests. This leaves our clients to analyze their end products. These end products can be further sent for mass production without any doubt or risk. We are one of the best PCB Prototype Assembly manufacturer. We make sure to provide only the best services paralleled by the best product.