Best Electronics Box Build Assembly Canada/USA

Final Electronics Box Build Assembly work initially consisted of adding small items such as brackets & panels to the printed circuit board assembly. Our capabilities and resources grew to include complex mechanical builds. Our Infra is large enough to support our electronics and mechanical assembly groups in one location. Our core Box Build Assembly consists of

  • Sub-Level Product Assembly
  • Product Assembly
  • System Level Assembly
  • Testing including Functional, Final, Environmental and Burn-In
  • Software Loading and Product Configuration
  • Warehousing & Order Fulfilment & Traceability
  • Packaging & Labelling including Bar Coding
  • Aftermarket Service

Final Box Assembly

Our mechanical assembly team provides value-added services for customers who prefer to have EDM incorporate their completed PCB into final packaging.  Customers trust our team to deliver a final product that is built to their specifications, on time.  Our supply chain includes exceptional suppliers of metal work, plastic, and cables and our flexible scheduling allows us to ship according to your timeline.

Our Electronics Box Build Assembly capabilities include:

  • Incorporating printed circuit boards into metal or plastic enclosures
  • Complex final assemblies with multiple cable harnesses
  • Individual packaging and boxing for completed board assemblies
  • Direct shipment from our facility to your customer

To summarize, our goal of exceeding customer expectations requires both effective supply chain management and engaged staff members. The result is a quality product, consistent process operation, and quick project completion.