Ball grid array (BGA) assembly USA

East India technologies (PCBAUS) provides the excellent Ball grid array (BGA) assembly services in PCBA prototyping in India. Prototype plays a very crucial role in the PCB assembly. And it has great importance in the development, design and certification procedure. PCBA prototyping helps you to validate your design. And in addition it let you know how feasible is your PCBA probably in this competitive world. PCBA manufacturing service is much more convenient, cost-effective for initial investments. And it provides guaranteed quality of the product. East India technologies consequently doing PCBA prototype, and also provide value-added services for it. In case PCBA design fails due to some un-expected reasons. East India technologies testing services will help you to know the loopholes in your PCBA design. After many testing and validation. Our highly skilled team takes the best sample among all which is also called as the golden sample. As a result Golden sample further process to a third party testing facility for CE, UL, FCC and certification purposes for the ROHS markings. This sample considers as the parameter for the mass production.


East India Technologies (PCBAUS) is the Best PCBA service provider in USA, india and best PCBA prototyping in India  by our highly skilled electronic engineers. We facilitate our clients, by delivering them required product as per their specification.


East India Technologies (PCBAUS )is providing best services in PCB prototyping. After many tests, validation and with the help of our top quality assurance model, we provide best version of the product, and serves the client to analyze the functional design of their desired product.