AOI - Automated Optical Inspection Services in USA, India

What is AOI inspection?

AOI Automated Optical inspection is a technology provided by East India Technologies which allow manufacturers to identify defects and missing components. It is an automated visual inspection of the Printed Circuit Board Assembly in which a camera is used to scan the device autonomously trying to recognize possibilities of catastrophic failure and quality defects. We make sure you save your money and your employees’ workload by using our automated machinery to quickly identify defects and faults that would otherwise go unnoticed or would require multiple testing procedures.

Automated Optical inspection (AOI) is commonly used in the manufacturing process because of it being a non-contact test method and still proving to be very useful. AOI inspection is opted during phases like the solder paste inspection, post-reflow, and pre-wave.

The Defects that an Automated Optical Inspection Can Inspect

AOI is a critical phase in detecting defects in Surface Mount Technology and Wave process. Our technology has been tried and tested to inspect and detect many kinds of manufacturing errors.

The Optical Inspection will detect defects like:
  • Billboarding
  • Component offset
  • Component polarity
  • Component presence or absence
  • Component Skew
  • Excessive Solder Joints
  • Flipped component
  • Height Defects
  • Insufficient Paste around Leads
  • Insufficient Solder Joints
  • Lifted Leads
  • No Population test
  • Paste Registration
  • Severely Damaged Components
  • Solder Bridges
  • Tombstoning
  • Volume Defects
  • Wrong Part
  • Bridging

The introduction of Surface Mount Technology and other compact circuit boards have made it easier to fit powerful circuits in smaller devices, and this has given rise to many interesting opportunities in technology that would otherwise be unheard of. However, the compact nature of these circuits also gave rise to more complexities in its development and these boards are now far more complicated than their predecessors. An average-sized board itself has thousands of soldered joints so it is easy to understand how things could go wrong with these compact circuit boards with a missing component or a defect.

This increase in the complexity of boards also makes it next to impossible to resort to manual inspection as not only are there way too many components but they are also tightly packed. Attempts at manual inspection soon proved to be risky as inspectors quickly became tired and also started to overlook defects and construction faults.

How East India Technologies Will Help You With AOI in USA, India

India is steadily becoming a notable manufacturing country, especially with the Prime Minister’s “Make in India” and “Digital India” initiatives. These initiatives have opened up more employment and manufacturing infrastructures in India. With the growth of manufacturing in India, the country is also experiencing a rise in the demand for high-quality products in high volume, and with faster development rates. As a result, a steady and reliable inspection system is required to guarantee that the production quality does not suffer. Automatic Optical Inspection has become an essential tool in an integrated electronics testing strategy by ensuring minimal cost for testing with early and reliable fault detection.

Our AOI inspection services in USA, India will massively help with the production rate and the retaining of the quality as well. It will also help relieve stress over many workers who will find it impossible to perform manual inspection over these circuits. We also make sure to reduce the manufacturing time, and overall expenditure as a significant portion of the money would go to testing procedures. Most manufacturers have to attempt testing in several steps to identify early faults and take quick action. With our AOI services, you can manufacture satisfying customer products without the worry of failure or malfunction.