PCB Prototype Assembly (PCBAUS)

A PCB prototype can allow you to efficiently and cost-effectively identify any changes needed to your original design. At pcbaus, we offer fast PCB prototyping Services. The CAD software prepares the specific layout data for the circuit board prototypes. Once the circuit board material has been selected the circuit board can be fabricated. Depending on the requirements the material is structured with a circuit board plotter or a laser system. A laser system is used for ultra-fine structures and RF applications.

Quick Turn Time PCB Prototyping and Production Services

Professional PCB prototype with the guaranteed quality for PCB prototype, We can produce high-quality PCBs with a competitive price both for prototypes and low volumes. East India Technologies offers rapid PCB prototyping services for quick-turn PCB at high quality and low cost. We’re fully compliant with ISO9001:2008 quality management systems, and we have an in-house quality control department to verify that all work meets each regulation depicted by the high standards. Having been in the PCB prototype business for more than a decade, PCBAUS.com is a proud supplier of prototyping PCBs and low-volume production. Our quick-turn prototype service can be as short as 24 hours without sacrificing quality.

Request for Online Quote

Our small run production ensures you the best combination of quality and cost effectiveness, that is why we have our customers spreading over 80 countries in different industries. You will be experiencing hassle-free online purchase of your PCBs from our web-based quote to final delivery. With our professional service team, you can have questions and puzzles solved in the most responsive way. We test every piece of your PCB before DHL and other courier staff picks up your box, and you can track your order using our industry-leading software for its processing status such as fabrication, shipping etc., We know that loyal customers are our most valued assets, and we also know good quality and on-time delivery creates loyal customers. We not only are sending quality PCBs, but also delivering total satisfaction to you!

What Are the Benefits of Circuit Board Prototyping?

We recommend you PCB prototyping service for function testing of new products prior to making a commitment to a full-production run. Benefits of developing PCB board prototype include:

  • Rapidly test and correct designs if there is any mistakes – After waiting over a week for your full boards, you’ll be eager to get them going in your applications. When you test your design beforehand with PCB prototypes, you can do just that.
  • Potentially detect any design flaws in the early stages – The time to find out mistakes in your design is not when you have a full production run in your warehouse. PCB prototyping service allows you to spot any design problems in a few days, make adjustments and perfect the design before ordering your full run.
  • Order low-quantity production runs featuring a MOQ of only five boards if necessary – Save money and reduce risks by putting off your big orders until you know you have the type of boards you want.
  • Benefit from lower production tolerances – It offers a clear indication of how well your PCB will perform

Once your proto boards have demonstrated their ability to meet your quality and performance requirements, you are ready for a full production run. Then we will transition from PCB prototype board service to Standard PCB service, which provides tighter production tolerances and more advanced options, including a free Design for Manufacture (DFM) check that is capable of detecting potential issues that could reduce the quality of your PCB.

While it may be tempting to simply order your full printed circuit boards and decide you’ll deal with any design flaws that arise as they come, it’s rarely the most efficient solution. You may get the boards out sooner, but if something goes wrong, it could prove to be a lot costlier and more time-consuming than taking an extra few days to test a prototype.

Get an Instant PCB Prototype Price Now

Ready to order prototype PCBs? Click the below button to try our online PCB Prototype calculator, which allows you to independently generate a quote for your custom PCB prototyping project in seconds.

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